Under The Sea.

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Sunday afternoon at the aquarium.

(Hands down, the best part of an anonymous blog is the creative ways in which you get to hide everyone’s identity.)


Textual Healing.

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The boy and I.

Him:  What’s that song on Insidious?  The one with the demon?

Me: Holy crap. I don’t know. But if you hear it in your room right now, get the fuck outta there.

Me: I’m not jumping paranormal realms for you.

A New Day.

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It’s Saturday.

So far I’ve done nothing but loll about in bed catching up on Reign.

I love period peices.

Went out to dinner last night.

Got all of the 7yo’s medical records transferred to Children’s Hospital Oncology department.

He’s upstairs right now rubbing the dog’s belly.

We’re going to hang out today and watch Monstet University.

One day at a time.

Really, God?

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They think our seven year old has cancer.

I have no words left.

It’s Witchcraft!

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My friend brought Voodoo Donuts!


Sunday morning update: We still haven’t eaten this little guy. Apparently he’s filled with red jelly and no one in the house feels healthy enough to take him on.

Get Yer Party On!

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My best friend is in town from New Orleans and coming to visit!

He’s a gay porn star/escort.

And I’d tell you more about him now, but I don’t want my blog flagged for X-Rated content.

I’ve missed you, Brandon!! 

Day 1.

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We’re at the hospital. 


This time it’s my son.

He’s okay. 

Well, mentally, which is always the biggest concern.

Appears his sister passed along that pneumonia.



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I’ve been AWOL, or so I’ve been reminded.

That said, here is an update on my January.

1) An entire month recuperating from my Christmas gift of meningitis.

2) A daughter who followed right behind me with pneumonia and entered the hospital almost immediately after I was released.

3) My ex became a raving lunatic again.

4) My credit card was stolen and my account overdrafted.


February update:

I took a broken XBox controller to Game Stop today and the guy manning the counter gave me a new one for free

I had no receipt.

No packaging.

No proof of purchase.

But he gave it to me anyway because, as he stated, “I’m having a really good day.”

February already kicks January’s ass.

For Evan.

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I’m not dead.

And neither is my dog.

Although it’s hard to tell from this picture. 


Life Goes On.

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The Ex and I are on speaking terms again.

I do miss him.

A part of me always will, I guess.

He’s doing okay.

For him, that’s saying a lot.

I can’t imagine struggling as hard as he does every single day.

I’ll always admire him for that.

House mental and physical tally:

One hungover.  Swears she’ll never drink again.

One sleeping.  Depression keeps him on a late night schedule but he seems to be doing better every day.

One stricken down with flu and or bronchitis.  Hospital wasn’t, and still, isn’t sure.

Two wrapped in blankets on the couch watching mutant bugs take over New York.

I’m part of the latter two.

So I guess it’s a good day for me.